Saturday, June 19

BBQ blues

It seems as though every summer at least a couple of my old buddies try to tackle the 'greatest bbq' of all time. Last nights venture was no different, my buddy Gabe provided the steak, salad, wings, vegetable kabobs and enough liquor to tame a small town in Saskatchewan. With over 70 people 'floating' through the party; social pressure to drink and gorge is off the charts. To ensure that I did not over eat I jumped on the the dual bbq set up and worked my magic. Cooking for seventy kept me just busy enough not to attack the waves of food pouring off the grill. As for the drinking I keep a glass with soda water and ice by my side and nobody knows the difference.

With two epic bbqs under my belt I can safely say that I was the lamest dude at each party. Not that I can't hold a decent conversation but I avoid the chant, duck the beer bong and exit before the tequila starts flowing. Both parties I pulled the chute before midnight insighting a fair amount of heckling for exiting the party 'just as its getting started'.

To keep me focused on the prize I constantly think about grabbing two five pound dumbbells in transition before the run. That seems to be a good deterrent to double fisting the beers all night.