Monday, September 13

thats a wrap

Every new race is a adventure, trying to figure out the course, transistions and logistics throw another element into racing. The Subaru Banff Lifesport triathlon on the weekend was no different. Starting with the royal treatment at the hands of Subaru, we headed out in a tricked out Impreza STI, with 305hp twin turbo engine it made for a 'calm' ride out to banff.

On Friday we joined the guys from Subaru to scouted out the bike course and 'check' out the lake. Well I already knew what eleven degree water felt like and I vowed that I would enter that water only once. After watching some quick dips in the mountain lake we checked into the high roller suite at the hotel and made ourselfs at home.

On race morning myself and Grant rolled out in our a decalled out sponsor car, which allowed us to drive where ever we wanted. Right through the baracades and up to t2. Ahhh VIP. Then it was off to T1 to get the bike set up and the body warm. I knew going in that this was the last bit of warmth for the next couple hours.

As the gun went off for the swim I had a real tough time finding my rhythm, it really felt like I was flailing out there, I knew that with the shortened swim I needed to put as much time as I could into the field. Once onto the bike I was greeted with rain and a course full of racers. This made things a little dicy at times and forced a few controlled decelerations. All I could think of every time I touched the brakes was how much time I was loosing to the rest of the field (specifically grant).

As I headed into t2 things were a bit frozen and after two minutes of trying to put on my running shoes and take off my helmet. I was off to the work as hard as I could to try and warm up. After 3km I started to find my stride and I was off to the races. Overall the race felt like I was in 3rd gear the entire time. But I will take the win and remember the absolutely amazing weekend with friends.

thanks again to my cheering section,