Monday, September 20

a thinking man

Looking back on a season that leaves me wanting more. The double edge sword of Triathlon allows me to bask in the glow of the progress I made; but continues to shed light on the opportunities for strength and fitness for the 2011 campaign. As I sit in the middle of a two week training hiatius I feverishly look to how my performance can be boosted. Last year I changed a number of elements in my approach to Triathlon with some success and some 'room for growth'. Here were three small changes,

First thing was my approach to Goals, I wrote them down, posted them on my wall and updated them as bench marks were achieved and missed.

Second I changed my aproach to illness, every time that even the slightest hint of a cold came on; I went into full blown attack. Salt water flushes, giner ale, lemon/ginger/honey tea, extra sleep with the addition of some much needed recovery workouts kept most bugs at bay. The result was only 3 days of moderate sickness this season with consistent mellow training throughout.

Third I changed my approach to running, laying a much better base with lots of easy miles in January, February and March. With the help of Grant and Dave Holmes I had the fortune of becoming aware of my form. Aproaching the run this way kept me injury free and running faster then ever before.

Taking time away from my sport is a two pronged beast! On one end it feels really good to step away and reflect, eat what ever I want and rebuild with yoga, basketball, ultimate frisbee and ripping the scenster mode on my beach crusier. On the other hand it is tough to let fitness go knowing that it will take months to rebuild and return to the levels that I left at the end of the season.