Tuesday, October 5


Great day with the Kid's at Calgary Montessori School
Since the end of my season I have struggled with focus. After 11 months chasing a carrot I found it difficult to be satisfied in simply relishing in what I had achieved. The prospect of several unknowns surrounding my racing and training in the 2011 season left me eating cookies and cream ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While enjoying the variety in my diet I began to formulate my plan for 2011 and now its time to start putting the pieces in place.

In 2011 I will be training in Victoria with a elite group of guys that I will look to for mad guidance and knowledge that I will use to develop my game at the next level. My number one goal leading up to that period is to build my fitness and strength over the next couple of months so that I have a solid platform in January. As I start to put the word out regarding Victoria I have found great support and guidance from my inner circle. I have been talking strategy and tactics with many great people that have offered sound advice  and support. The next few months in Calgary will be busy and with time I plan to have my checklist complete.

low five

that bird is fast... too fast!

"It's that famous line, 'I know what I'm doing'..... So many athletes say that; and I think  that's kiss of death right there." Simon Witfield