Tuesday, November 23

migratory pattern

rick picking me apart

This last weekend it was off with Holly to Victoria to dip our toe's in the pacific so to speak. Even though I did not get within 100 feet of the ocean we were still able to start our planning for a life in a different city.

To get ready for the 2011 campaign I was invited out to Victoria by the NTC high performance group to roll through a couple of workouts with the guys. Besides the training our mission was to figure out where to live, go on a couple of 'couple dates' and feel out the community.

Training with that group is on the next level, not just the performance and calibre of the athletes but the training environment and coaching staff all gunning for the same goal. It was great to hear that there are some major improvements in my swim stroke and the volume that those guys put in. I'm really looking forward to locking horns with the demons of training with that group. Onwards and upwards!

Thanks to Leif and Laura, Simon, Sara and Bill, Andrew and Noa, Rick, Jon and Andrew who made us feel so welcome. This transition has not been without its hardships but was made more clear with your guidance.