Monday, March 28

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Tuesday, March 1

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Wednesday, February 23

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Wednesday, February 9

your so vain

I was asked last year before my season began; "what is the reason why you do triathlon?" Now this was a deeper question resonating in the inner meaning, not the 'I like to stay in shape' or 'I like how it makes me feel'. What is the deep down root reason why you chose triathlon. Looking back I can honestly say that it was vanity. Now that your eyebrows are raised let me explain. A couple years ago Norman Stadlar won Ironman World Championships and he promptly graced the cover of Triathlon Magazene, looking tanned and ripped (lean ripped that is). I love to eat, love to cook, love to consume; and when I looked at the amount of calories that you could consume I said what the hell. Can Triathlon offset gluttony?

I can remember a time when I was swimming that a coach would 'ask' someone to loose weight. Now this had limited effectiveness and due to the infrequent monitoring often had consequences that often boardered on malnourished. Now back then I took these comments in stride and never really paid any attention, for at 15 years of age I was consuming upwards of 6000 calories a day and had eating records to establish. 107 chicken wings, 24 egg omelette with hash browns and toast, nachos for 4 and the list goes on.

Now don't get me wrong I love triathlon; but now performance dictates no one at my height and weight runs sub 32:00 minutes off the bike. But with 5 - 7 kgs comes 60 -90 seconds. I'm not saying that kg equal minutes but a ultra lean body will defiantly run faster.

What is my plan to loose those dreaded last 10 lbs? Bootcamps? More crunches? Sign up with a weight related reality show. Not so much. It is time to start thinking more about diet, when I'm eating, how much I'm eating, very little wheat, very little dairy, focus on vitamins focus on nutrients and again portion sizes. In the past I have found success with eating half my plate waiting 15 minutes then nibbling at the rest.

signing off as the future star of world vision!

Wednesday, January 26

eyes wide shut

into the mist
The final week of the Maui camp is underway, cumulative fatigue has entered the game but things are feeling strong. At first Maui was a place of beauty, a new road every day a new adventure. Now Maui has become a place of getting it done; I no longer look to the trees, mountain and the ocean. Now I put my head down strive for quality; finishing every workout with a positive purpose.

I was told with much experience in professional sports to end every practice, every game with something positive. Going forward this has helped me bounce back from the odd workout that has knocked me down.

a mac getting some banana bread

Tuesday, January 18


I sit with my back against the wall on the floor with my legs encased in NormaTec MVP boots. The pump hums as the compression slowly tightens over my legs; after my 3rd workout of the day it feels good to have a little attention on these legs of mine. After my first few days here the most important thing I have found is how to treat your body post workout. Usually the recovery drink comes first, them a cold shower to cool the core down and after a light stretch at the end of the day I have been 'enjoying' the boots.

little slip and slide on the west side 

So far the house favourite meal has been shredded yams or sweet potato (cooks quickly) with an assortment of veggies and a couple of eggs tossed in for some protein. With the daily workout schedule and the heat I have to be really aware of my electrolytes and protein levels.

The first week is down, very consistent with some good signs of progress. Yesterday we did a four hour ride around the west maui loop, stopping off for some of the famous banana bread.
simon and a-mac at the bread shack

Friday, January 14

a few days in

The collective tension in the car is unmistakable, it is 6:00 am and we are headed into Kihei for our morning swim, but instead of making our usual right hand turn that cuts across the island we do a u-turn and head back home. It is raining so hard it sounds like a faucet has been turned on full. The pool is closed and there has been warning that the 2 foot puddle that covers the road at the bottom of Haleakala will swell so large that we will not make it back to our house.

Everyone in that van wants that swim workout bad, we are up before the sun and all this puddle is doing is delaying the inevitable.

The first few days have taken some time to settle into the routine, especially the swim. It has been truly great to get feedback on my technique and have a squad so focused on quality. I'm excited to see my swim fitness progress with the daily sessions.

Picture to come

Saturday, January 1

G-Force 20min tt

Thought I would capture a little video of G-Force hitting a personal best in his Coggan 20 minute time trial. Nothing beats the expression!

Upcoming Spins

With great turnouts most days over the past two weeks I would like to put another week in the blocks for some spinning.

Sunday Jan 2nd 9am-11am
Monday Jan 3rd 8:30am
Tuesday Jan 4th - 9:00am
Thursday Jan 6th - 6:00pm
Friday Jan 7th- 8:30am
Saturday Jan 8th - 9am -please rsvp with me because this one will be full, come ready to be loud and proud!

so far I have 21, cindy, ted t, alan l, jevon, holly, mike, meghan, katie M, Coach Paul, Hillary H, Gerald, Linda, Kailee, Grant, Amy W, Mike B, VJ, Don, Christine, Tushar and me!

Again if you are not a Talisman ETS or Tri club member shoot me a email and I will get you in, for the Saturday January 8th please let me know you want to join so I can make sure I have enough space for you.

your help with those nasty new years resolutions!