Friday, January 14

a few days in

The collective tension in the car is unmistakable, it is 6:00 am and we are headed into Kihei for our morning swim, but instead of making our usual right hand turn that cuts across the island we do a u-turn and head back home. It is raining so hard it sounds like a faucet has been turned on full. The pool is closed and there has been warning that the 2 foot puddle that covers the road at the bottom of Haleakala will swell so large that we will not make it back to our house.

Everyone in that van wants that swim workout bad, we are up before the sun and all this puddle is doing is delaying the inevitable.

The first few days have taken some time to settle into the routine, especially the swim. It has been truly great to get feedback on my technique and have a squad so focused on quality. I'm excited to see my swim fitness progress with the daily sessions.

Picture to come

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Ari said...

Yes, pictures, man, pictures!