Tuesday, January 18


I sit with my back against the wall on the floor with my legs encased in NormaTec MVP boots. The pump hums as the compression slowly tightens over my legs; after my 3rd workout of the day it feels good to have a little attention on these legs of mine. After my first few days here the most important thing I have found is how to treat your body post workout. Usually the recovery drink comes first, them a cold shower to cool the core down and after a light stretch at the end of the day I have been 'enjoying' the boots.

little slip and slide on the west side 

So far the house favourite meal has been shredded yams or sweet potato (cooks quickly) with an assortment of veggies and a couple of eggs tossed in for some protein. With the daily workout schedule and the heat I have to be really aware of my electrolytes and protein levels.

The first week is down, very consistent with some good signs of progress. Yesterday we did a four hour ride around the west maui loop, stopping off for some of the famous banana bread.
simon and a-mac at the bread shack

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