Wednesday, February 9

your so vain

I was asked last year before my season began; "what is the reason why you do triathlon?" Now this was a deeper question resonating in the inner meaning, not the 'I like to stay in shape' or 'I like how it makes me feel'. What is the deep down root reason why you chose triathlon. Looking back I can honestly say that it was vanity. Now that your eyebrows are raised let me explain. A couple years ago Norman Stadlar won Ironman World Championships and he promptly graced the cover of Triathlon Magazene, looking tanned and ripped (lean ripped that is). I love to eat, love to cook, love to consume; and when I looked at the amount of calories that you could consume I said what the hell. Can Triathlon offset gluttony?

I can remember a time when I was swimming that a coach would 'ask' someone to loose weight. Now this had limited effectiveness and due to the infrequent monitoring often had consequences that often boardered on malnourished. Now back then I took these comments in stride and never really paid any attention, for at 15 years of age I was consuming upwards of 6000 calories a day and had eating records to establish. 107 chicken wings, 24 egg omelette with hash browns and toast, nachos for 4 and the list goes on.

Now don't get me wrong I love triathlon; but now performance dictates no one at my height and weight runs sub 32:00 minutes off the bike. But with 5 - 7 kgs comes 60 -90 seconds. I'm not saying that kg equal minutes but a ultra lean body will defiantly run faster.

What is my plan to loose those dreaded last 10 lbs? Bootcamps? More crunches? Sign up with a weight related reality show. Not so much. It is time to start thinking more about diet, when I'm eating, how much I'm eating, very little wheat, very little dairy, focus on vitamins focus on nutrients and again portion sizes. In the past I have found success with eating half my plate waiting 15 minutes then nibbling at the rest.

signing off as the future star of world vision!

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trifan said...

What about two biggie frosties????

Keep up the posts, wondering how you are doing on the island.